Photo Credit: Ty Hardin

Photo Credit: Ty Hardin



Madison McClintock is a filmmaker, visual artist, and an emerging educator based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She believes deeply in the powerfully-transformative nature of creating art and of consuming it. 

Madison is drawn to applying art to deconstruct the intangibles of the human experience, preserve indigenous ways of knowing from around the world, particularly folk art traditions and healing rituals, inspiring a dialogue about conservation and nature connection, and to simply help others rediscover their childlike curiosity.

She believes strongly in the power of an authentic story and that every corner of Earth is rich with them. As an emerging educator she hopes to introduce others to the cathartic process of creating art and guide individuals to mediums of which they feel they can best express their individual experience. 

She has a current fascination with how people digest content. Asking questions like what is the evolution of passive content consumption? If we are trying to use art to ignite wonder or action in viewers, is it more effective if the experience is experiential? Madison is now experimenting with installation and new technologies like augmented reality and projection mapping as way to evolve storytelling techniques to make them more interactive and experiential.

Madison is a workshop instructor and consultant for the Digital Storywork Partnership (DSP), engaging Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth, elders, college students, faculty, community members, and professional filmmakers in collaborative research and multimedia storytelling to preserve Indigenous culture and language. And she received her BFA in Environmental Studies and Studio Art from Franklin University Switzerland and her MFA in Science & Natural History Filmmaking from Montana State University.  Madison’s last two films Red Wolf Revival and Fungiphilia Rising have been broadcasted and featured at film festivals and classrooms around the world.

At this critical juncture in history, artists and media makers have an opportunity to use their forms to ignite an understanding of interdependence of all things in their viewers, encouraging them to care and feel a sense of responsibility to protect and co-exist with all humans and other life forms on Earth. Madison approaches her work with this notion in mind.

CV Available Upon Request