Fungiphilia Rising (2015)



Funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign ($6,000) and has been exhibited at film festivals around the world and is featured on National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase. The film was National Geographic’s “Film-of-the-Day” receiving over 3.4 million views and 7900 shares.

An ode to nature's often forgotten alchemists and their allies...

Fungiphilia Rising is an invitation to explore the fascinating world of mushrooms throughout the American West. By attending mushroom forays and fungus festivals, talking to scores of individuals from mycologists to artists, businessmen to locovore chefs, Fungiphilia Rising paints a vivid image of the secret life of mushrooms and its admirers. In addition to revealing the multifaceted role mushrooms play in our culture, the film aims to bring awareness to the important ecological functions they perform in our world's ecosystems and in human environments.

Featuring Larry Evans, the infamous mushroom man from Missoula, MT, Peter McCoy founder of the up and coming Radical Mycology social movement, David Rust president of the North American Mycological Association, Cathy Cripps, well-known professional mycologist, Anthony Strong head chef at San Francisco's world-renowned Locanda restaurant, and Jim Stillwell, a secretive Portland-based mushroom forager.


  • Official Film Festival Selections: InScience Dutch International Film Festival 2015, Environmental Film Festival Australia 2015, San Francisco Green 2015, San Francisco Food and Farm 2015, Big Sky Documentary 2015, International Wildlife 2015, Portland EcoFilm 2015, Greentopia 2015, Columbia Gorge International 2015, Woosley 2015, Livingston 2014, Bozeman 2014.

  • Featured at University of Idaho’s Association for the Study of Literature in the Environment (ASLE) Conference 2015 with the theme of “Notes from Underground: The Depths of Environmental Arts, Culture and Justice.”

  • Featured on Life On Terra web podcast series and published in their “Field Notes” blog